Cimdi are the handmade Latvian knits with love in every stitch!

Stay snug this winter in a pair of Cimdi toasty wool mittens, cozy winter gloves and warming wool socks!

‘Ts-im-dee’ means ‘mittens’ in Latvian. And our cimdi reflect a thousand-year Latvian tradition of crafting knits to chase away the winter chills, when temperatures in Latvia drop to well below -20◦ Celsius.

Each pattern carries a special meaning –
and with over 30 lovely patterns to choose from, you’ll soon be feeling the warmth from the land of ice and snow!

Get your own winter-warming knits
head to the webshop.

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Grey'n'black'orange women's/teenage mittens
Handmade mittens with "you and me" pattern
Colourful hand-knitted mittens with ethnographic Latvian pattern